X Prime is a complete automotive OEM basecoat system that incorportes the latest technology and most advanced formulation system.
It is very easy to mix and super friendly to spray.
Accounts for three paint qualities (Premium, Gold and Silver).  
All comprise a 1:1 mix ratio with High Quality Prime and/or compantible Urethane reducer.
Its true to say that paint coverage is absolutely outstanding.

HIgh Solids Acrylic Urethane Primer

Mixes 4:1:1
A true fill primer. 
Very easy to sand
Does not shrink or clog the sandpaper
Highly used among high volume production shops

Wide variety of Urethane Clear to match the correct job.

Prime has clear for the price sensitive segment and outstanding clears for those looking for depth and show quality OI.

Availble in:


Prime 22 High Gloss Clearcoat
Prime 25 High Solids Clear
Prime 44 HS Speed Clear
Prime 45 Premier Gloss

2:1 Euro Clears
Prime HS 97 Euro Clearcoat
Prime HS 98 Euro Imperial Clearcoat
Prime +HS99 Euro HS Plus Clearcoat

Give yourself the opportunity that you have been missing out. Save time and reach that astonishing finish with XPrime Clears. 
Your customers will love the difference.
It's true to say that quality does not have to ruin your pocket!

    Available on Basecoat and Acrylic

Deep Black


Fleet White

...more to come soon!


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