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There are different things to consider when mixing and applying body filler and polyester putty, but out of all is how to mix these so that you create the least amount of air bubbles which at the end will translate to pin holes.  


RUSTED METALS - OSPHO is a rust-inhibiting coating - NOT A PAINT You do not have to remove tight rust. Merely remove loose paint and rust scale, dirt, oil, grease and other accumulations with a wire brush or pressure washer and let dry - apply a thin coat of OSPHO as it comes pre-diluted in the container. Let dry overnight for a minimum of 24 hours, then apply whatever paint. Longer dry times may occur depending on temperature, humidity and over-application of product. OSPHO has the consistency of water and treats up to 600 square feet per gallon. When applied to rusted surfaces, OSPHO causes iron oxide (rust) to chemically change to iron phosphate - an inert, hard substance that turns the metal black. Where rust is exceedingly heavy, two coats of OSPHO may be necessary to thoroughly penetrate and blacken the surface to be painted. A dry, powdery, grayish-white surface usually develops when cured. Brush off any loose powder and wipe down with Mineral Spirits before painting.e.

Paint for Plastic, Vinyl, Carpet and Velour

Color Coat™ is a specialty flexible coating formulated to restore or change the color of most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour. Color Coat is not a dye, but a fade resistant flexible and permanent coating.  CLICK ON IMAGE FOR HOW TO VIDEO...

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